The chips of a domino game.

For some time, our island was a very prosperous one in the economic aspect, also we were it in the spiritual aspect. Joy and happiness seemed to smile for us. But the ambition, the struggle of powers and the war of partisan political ideology, were taking place in the hearts of politicians who have been taking the reins of fate and the better future of citizens. Corruption, misappropriation of funds and bad decisions in the execution of the functions of our rulers, have collapsed our economy and destabilize our status as a people, we have also deteriorated considerably in the spiritual aspect and society has had a resounding emotional fall, consequently increasing the rate of suicide, crime, violence and family abuse, as well as altering the entire pattern in the whole format of the sacred family. For all this, we keep moving like a ship without a coxswain in the middle of a rough sea in shallow and rocky waters. This usually happens, when we stop thinking as a society and as a country, to think in that egoistic way of only ourselves, forgetting that, like the tiles of a game of dominoes standing one after the other, we are the collective of a society, from a town where we all depend on everyone. At the time of writing this story, there is still no clear vision of a different future for us, since this will depend on when, as a people we agree, about what we want as a country and how much we will be willing to do for our long-suffering country. By Derwell J Fallu


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