Who is guilty?

There are people, when they look, how our world is falling into song, seeing how misery and disease are wrapping humanity like a black and huge mantle that falls on everyone, curses, denies God and says not understand, nor find an explanation, how a God so powerful and so kind can allow so much suffering to humanity. The reality is, that God is not the fault of all our misfortunes, many of us have thrown behind him, his commandments and ignored his words, like the one that has been told, you must eat healthy so that you do not get sick, but that equally ignores the suggestion and ends up getting sick. However, even though it seems that God does not care about humanity, He only hopes, that many of us understand that we can repair the damage that many have caused us by putting hands to work, because the least have been responsible for the chaos and all the disaster of humanity, so the most, we must be responsible for repairing what others damaged; starting right now for me and for you. By Derwell J Fallu


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