Let no one feel old so as not to love!

Women love me, because for years through the main social networks of the world, day after day I have been that voice that cries out because it is recognized by all women to their dignity and their good name. Creating awareness so that women can be admired, loved and respected for what they are and what they mean. The woman, at any age, represents that loving nature of the heart, being with man a perfect team, not only to be that unique resource of reproduction of human life, but also the cornerstone with which the construction and constitution of the sacred family, this is possible. In addition, the woman is the last brushstroke of God, who made perfect his majestic picture of the creation making that on the woman and the meaning of this divine creature, God be glorified and every man that recognizes what for a man means a woman, be happy in God for all the benefits that we have in her and this is also our reason to be with God for her, always grateful. No woman has to be old to love. Sarah Abraham’s wife, she had her son at 90; also Elizabeth, had John the Baptist, already entered at a very advanced age. My friend Diana, from Peru, recently had her fourth child, after forty years. That no woman feels old to love and that it is very clear to her, that love has nothing to do with outer beauty or age, love is a feeling that is born and resides in the heart, that does not need eyes, nor, this can be controlled by time, love is the essence of life, the reason for living of the one who breathes. By Derwell J Fallu


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