Frustrated at incompetence.

When we are not willing to accept our weaknesses, incapacities and failures before the challenges and commitments we face in life, we often take refuge in the need and cowardice to blame someone or something, for what we have not achieved. There is no problem impossible to solve, but yes, we have to recognize that there are situations that can not be solved by just trying and wanting. The master key that can repair any damage, is the ability, preparation and knowledge that the individual has in the field of the subject in question. A competent auto mechanic, for example; no matter how difficult the decomposition may seem, he would never say; this has no fix! But, here is a list of everything I need to leave your car like new again. Making problems easy, does not make us really competent, but our ability to solve it. Someone truly trained, never cares about who or what caused a situation, but focuses on what he knows can remedy or solve a particular problem. By Derwell J Fallu


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