One step at a time.

Each one of us has a life to live. Some with options, others without any. There are those who have dreams, there are those who only content themselves with thinking and believing that there are others who live worse than them and there are those who do not even have dreams. To be able to configure the destiny of the life that we want to live, is not a privilege of all. However, there are some who waste that opportunity, leaving only life dragging them to any place or place, like a dry leaf that carries the wind without understanding or thinking how valuable it is to take control of our lives when we can. There are those, the heroes who stop living their own lives to help with those of their own, they can not live it. While you can, dream dreams that are only achieved if we are awake; do not sleep! And take life one step at a time, you must not forget, that you only live once. By Derwell J Fallu


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