Hello! Princess, pretty woman!

Above; in the expansion, in the immensity, in the whole width of the sky, there are so many, so many! Beautiful places; the moon, the sun, the clouds; the stars, and that make it so nice to everyone’s sight, down on our earth, Wow! It is not less, it must be recognized that the earth is beautiful! With its vegetation, infinite varieties of fish and animals, rivers, waterfalls, streams and seas. Beautiful landscapes, places of snow, impressive cities! Beautiful sunsets; everywhere everything is a colloquium of incredible beauty. The beautiful sound of songs that make the soul dance and that lull the hearts, the song of the birds, the dog that barks, the magic of the sound of the falling rain. But the most beautiful and good thing in all earth, is the woman crown of creation, she is God’s glory and man’s queen. See her silhouette, her sensuality, her beautiful smile, her tender gaze. The warmth of the heat of her body, that smell of a woman that dries our soul; her beautiful hair and the sound of her voice more beautiful than the sound of the bird sings. Oh! That woman’s love that inspires our soul disturbs our senses and the heart loves it; her pleasant company, to make love with her, that kindles the fire to life. To look at a woman from head to toe is a compendium of incomparable beauty. By Derwell J Fallu


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