Those who believe in God.

There are those who believe in God by the resource of faith, which is defined by that conviction in the certainty of what is expected about the nature of what is not seen. And there are those who believe in God for obvious reasons, expressed by the knowledge of natural things visible and palpable, as is the case of Thomas the disciple of the Lord, who only believed in the resurrection of his master, only when he saw the wounds in his hands and he could put his finger in his side. The other group, it was only necessary to hear the news of his resurrection to believe that it had already been fulfilled, which due to anticipated conviction, they expected that it would happen. Those of us who believe in God by faith respond to that personal connection that exists between the invisible being and us. Those who can only believe in God because of the things they see or can feel, are helped by the scientific resource of studying natural elements. In any case, the good use of having known and believed in God, will serve the development of our harmony in our relationship with Him, with our neighbor and the way in which we must take advantage of the resources of our planet. By Derwell J Fallu


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