Day of love!

The summary of life is love, because love is the essence of living, where those who do not know or can not love have not known the source of life. Although February, specifically on the 14th, has been marked on the calendar in commemoration of love; Friendship day is not enough, because loving should be an experience of all time, of every second of life. Loving must be the reason for being and fighting of each one. In those, in whom there are no reasons not to love, it can be said that the true peace of the world rests, the glorious feat that the heart has to experience a life of true happiness. Thanks to you who are reading this message, because not only you are a very important part of the positive experience of my life, but also, that potential reason that my heart has for the exercise of my sacred experience of love. Happy our day! The day of friendship and love. By Derwell J Fallu


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