A classic woman, but humble! Who say I?

A classic woman, but humble! Who say I?

Our island is very loved by all those who know it. That is a very good reason to want to know her, to want to visit her, but to have that need to experience an experience with true love, that magical dream of living the romance of a committed love with a vision of the future, with the foundation of being able to build a pretty family; modestly and apart, I am a strong option for that woman who seeks in life, much more than adventures, to be only an adventurous woman. Love resides in a romantic heart, in that soul that knows how to value feelings and that knows, that living the beautiful and the good of life, is not that entertaining way of living sex alone as a nice means of entertainment, that way to live the crazy life without commitment or values. Do not! It is much more than just that. It is the experience of the fusion of two souls who know that to live love is to live for each other, that they are a family by the authentication of the same feeling, whose strength and willingness to live together is not limited by circumstance. nor any other thing that anyone could imagine, because life and living for them, is knowing that they have each other. So, for those reasons and for more than a thousand reasons, I am a strong option for that classic, but humble woman who has that need in the heart to love and be truly loved. By Derwell J Fallu


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