The magic of living!

Perhaps you will have heard someone say: What did that woman see that man, so she would mess with him!

But this is very simple. People who express themselves like that of some couples, is because they are superficial and know little or nothing about love.

Love is a deep feeling that is not motivated or moved by beauty or by perfection. The one who really loves, does not think about those things, love is something subliminal that is born in the heart to harmoniously connect the souls, where nothing matters more, than that binding feeling that makes them be for each other.

Love is not a matter of the eyes or the thought, simply, loving does not have a reason or a reason!

The generation of Mexican women, of this century, generally, and with much respect I say, usually base their relationship on something that seems to have become a competition. Well the key word for a young girl who says she is in love, is how handsome is that boy! And that obsessive preoccupation to want to feel that they have a perfect body, that if they do not feel beautiful for others, their self-esteem lacks value and meaning for many young people of the modern century.

This reveals the poor knowledge of what true love means to them. When for people who relate as a couple, the most important thing is the superficial, how they look, the consequences at the end of the summary of life, is predictable. Because what really counts and makes life and living have meaning, is love, where the one you do not love has not experienced the true magic of living. By Derwell J Fallu


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