The obligatory menu!

The obligatory menu!

I do not know how many of you, I made you remember who you are, your personality, when I said a classic woman, but humble! Who say I? But each person is what they are, and when it comes to relating as a couple, the details matter. Because when there is no coincidence in personality, behavior and many other aspects of life, we can not think or talk about the merger of two soulmates. Yesterday a friend spoke to me, about the hell he was living with his wife, due to the fact that they are totally different in their ways of acting, thinking and believing. This suggests, that we should not mess with someone, just because it has a powerful physical appeal that we like. When we relate to someone as a couple, it will be much more than just liking that person for how she looks. More than anything else, to coincide in the feelings, the love, the personality, goals, dreams and purposes, these things must be something forced in the menu of those things that are indispensable, when we want to coincide with someone, with whom we want to relate as a couple. They can not walk together two, if first they do not agree. By Derwell J Fallu


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