Congratulations! Obama, president.

Today was marked on the calendar, as the day of the presidents, those people to whom the peoples have given them the opportunity to serve the nation and administer all the resources and conduct the issues of local and international public policy. My favorite president, so far, Barack Obama has been, not because he was a perfect one, but because he was a humble man who knew how to manage his position of leadership and power, sensibly and fairly, not allowing power and fame , it would go to his head. He kept his heart in his place, which allowed him to earn the respect and admiration of many. Dear president and friend, you became immortal in my memories, in my thoughts. God bless you! And prosper all your projects, you went from white house, but has not stopped working for the cause of the most needy, because you are not a leader of opportunities, you are a leader of heart, committed to the cause that identifies you and What moves you. Thank you friend, because although your projects are great and your work schedule is very busy, you always find time to remember me. Congratulations! Obama, president. By Derwell J Fallu


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