The bread, what anguish!

A friend, with whom I was speaking, for almost two minutes, in whose conversation, he and his friend’s doctor denigrated the bread, according to him and his medical friend, they found nothing positive about the bread. Those almost two minutes in which I remained in complete silence, were the most tormenting that I have been able to remember for a long time.
I could not imagine so much falsehood in a dialogue of just one topic.

Main ingredients of the bread: wheat arina, water, salt, yeast and oil. You can also add many other ingredients.

Who has never eaten; bread with butter, bread with cream cheese, bread with cheese, bread in soup, bread meatball, bread with bean curd sauce or with beans; bread with meat or meat sauce, bread with tomato, green oil, salt and vinegar; bread with a slice of avocado, oil and salt. Bread with fried egg, bread with spaghetti, to scramble eggs, bread with coffee, bread with milk, bread with garlic, bread with various juices, bread with chocolate and the favorite of the prisoners, bread with water. Bread with banana, bread with guava pastries, bread with oatmeal and much more. Bread with strawberry or grape marmalades, bread with peanut butter. And the thousand and one ways in which the various fast food restaurants prepare and serve their sandwich. Surely among all these, you have a favorite. Oh! My God, I could not tell you which would be the best, if the landlord or the one sold in the bakeries. To speak badly about bread is almost a sin that has no forgiveness. By Derwell J Fallu


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