Suspense at borders!

Millions of people look forward to February 23! It is an appointment with the destiny and with the history of Venezuela; humanitarian aid will face hunger, abandonment and the misery of a people. On the other hand, democracy and freedom will confront communism and the oppressive dictatorship. Suspense at borders! Suspended by the clash between the forces of democracy and communist socialism! What will be the outcome of this story, which will define this embarrassing dilemma? One country, two presidents in dispute, one represents oppressive socialist communism; the other represents democracy and the freedom of a nation. Every second that passes brings us closer to that moment, when the great country of Venezuela will change its history. Only three days! And the world will know what will happen with humanitarian aid and with the Venezuelan people. Only three days! And it will be known what will happen with the mature man and his pack of jackals and with the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. Those of us who bet on social justice and trust in democracy, as the tool that guarantees rights and citizen freedom, hope that on February 23, socialism, communism and the dictatorship of the mature and their jackals will be crushed, to give way to democracy, social justice and the freedom of Venezuela. Long live free Venezuela! May God help us! By Derwell J Fallu


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