The valley of loneliness.

This silent silence,

that has no song, this conversation

that has no words

and that leaves me

in this uncertainty

the soul

of not knowing what is

nor that the heart feels

it envelops me

in the gloom of this solitude in which I can not see or know

Where is the love

my soul freezes

in this winter valley

without my eyes still seeing you

without my hands touching you

nor can my lips kiss you

it’s a race in time

and I do not know if you come or go

or if I’m going to you

I do not know, I only know

that in this walk

it is getting colder

the valley of my loneliness

and I still do not know what will happen to me

if at last I can see

that wire in my sky again the sun for me.

By Derwell J Fallu


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