Our readers speak:

The testimony of one of our readers:

I liked having this beautiful message from someone who somewhere,

of the world have that beautiful heart, and feelings that transmits encouragement to continue living and fight even against the adversities of life, greetings and blessings Derwell my great poet.

My dear reader and friend, you have a beautiful life to live, nobody said that living was easy, we barely entered the surface of the world and the first thing we all do is cry. With pains and a tender smile of love, our mother receives us. The world we live in is incredibly beautiful! And in it we have everything we need to live life here as long as we remain in this world, but complaining about how hard fate can be will not remedy anything. We can make our life interesting and fun, making our efforts and struggles, help us win smiles even in the midst of pain, as the holy mother, who between pain, crying and a smile she brought us to life. All the good that we need or want, needs to be achieved by the price of our work, of our efforts; because God said so; with the sweat of your forehead you will live and the woman with pains, a life you will give birth. By Derwell J Fallu


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