The doctrine of dictators, is to believe in a seed of a single fruit. They do not believe in the diversity of criteria or opinions, freedom and opportunities. Dictators care, if those who do not believe in what they believe, and obey them as trained dogs, die of hunger, disease or the way they die. They are insensitive, implacable, cruel beings whose profile is that of a disciple of satan. And Venezuela needs our help and God’s intervention so that it can be liberated, yesterday from these agents of the devil, who kill children, old people and who believe themselves to be the absolute owners of the countries, enriching themselves and sinking into the oppressive poverty and the most unworthy misery to those who are disabled to defend themselves. Now is the time! Let us not become indifferent to the pain of a people abused and mistreated by the tyranny of this dictatorial regime. By Derwell J Fallu


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