Extermination machines.

The world breaks, they are a real problem for society and for the world!

Well, these people have no respect for anything or anyone. When it comes to getting what they want, they kill, assault, steal, lie, betray; they do everything and more than anyone can imagine. The world breaks, they are capable of doing anything against their neighbor. They believe they are the owners and masters of all the spaces on earth, they turn on sound equipment that is so high and the tone of their taste, that they do not care about the neighbors, the animals; nothing, they are selfish beings, who do not care about anything, more than just themselves and who ignore that we live in a world that has to be shared with everyone.

These people, too, have no respect for the planet; they exploit all kinds of mining without taking into account the care that must be taken to conserve the environment in optimum conditions. So, in the same way, they build structures without the corresponding studies that determine the minimum risks to do so. They are destructive machines of deforestation, the same with wildlife are wild exterminators of birds and animals; they pollute our waters as if they wanted to kill all the living species. The world breaks, they are a dangerous plague of extermination, that threaten to destroy everything in its path. By Derwell J Fallu


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