Who is provoking whom?

Good Morning! World.

Said the news anchor of Univisión, mrs. Patricia Janiot, that many people ask; that until now or when the provocations of Mr. Juan Guaido against the threats of the Nicolás Maduro regime will continue. In my opinion, what is Mr. Juan Guaido, is not a provocation, but fulfilling his duty the function for which he was sworn in as interim president of Venezuela. Some people say that Juan Guaido proclaimed himself president, which means that he also became a president. But things did not happen that way. In Venezuela there is the National Assembly, as the only legitimate democratic body that is in charge of the political affairs of the country, and that is the only resource that recognizes and can approve the legitimacy to the function of a president, and in ignorance of the legitimacy of Maduro, on behalf of that body, as president of Venezuela, because this yes, by conveniently manipulating the elections, he did self-proclaimed president, taking advantage of his influences in the armed forces of the country, assuming by force the command and without the recognition of the National Assembly. But this body is the one that establishes, recognizes and swears Mr. Juan Guaido as interim legitimate president of the country, declaring Nicolás Maduro usurper and illegitimate, because he was not recognized as president, nor sworn by the only legitimate democratic body of the Venezuelan nation. This is the reason, why the coalition of the nations of the world from more than fifty countries, gave recognition to Mr. Juan Guaido as the interim legitimate president of Venezuela, because he did not proclaim himself, but the National Assembly, he proclaimed and was sworn in by the acting interim president of the country. So, what Juan Guaido is doing is not a provocation to anyone, he is courageously fulfilling his responsibility for what he was sworn in. The one who is committing a provocation is Nicolás Maduro, because he was not recognized or sworn in as president by the National Assembly, the only legitimate political body in the country for these purposes. By Derwell J Fallu


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