They mutter everything!

The people of the small brain, can not see beyond where the sight reaches, for them, what they can not achieve, neither can others. This kind of people is very negative, pessimistic because their world is so small, they think that everyone’s the same. They feel envious if they see you dream, they are always aware of what you do, only to criticize and tell them not to try this or that, that you can not achieve it. This type of people, do not believe in God because whoever believes in the Lord, knows that for those who believe in Him, there is nothing impossible, that life is not limited to a simple logical reasoning; that there is more in the mind and in the heart than our eyes can ever see. By person like these, we would still live in caves and caverns, there would be no cars, ships, planes, spaceships, or trips to the Moon. For people like that there would be no electricity, much less the Internet. Whoever heeds his murmuring will lose the chance to achieve the dreams that only dreamers reach. By Derwell J Fallu


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