Dayanara Torres.

Dayanara Torres, counted among the most beautiful women, who in the universe have seen eyes! Cute human being, from the pearl of the seas, our beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Beauty is not much, but true love is everything. The one who truly loves must know that beauty is not the reason to be with her, to be with him, that if something has to confirm love, it is adversity, illness and pain. But what can the cowardly boyfriend who abandoned her know about love, when the doctor diagnosed Dayanara Torres of skin cancer? Being with her for showing off her beauty is an indolent act of a selfish being that does not care about the feeling of others, but that what is his own interests him. The love that unites, is to give each other mutual support; know that the two have, that the two are one. But what a bad thing before God and the world was left, that insensible being, that when she needed it the most, he abandoned her. What you sow, you harvest here, everything is paid and without pain or sorrow, remember that you hurt for no reason a good soul. By Derwell J Fallu


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