A hybrid world of madness and sins!

Man and woman, the created nature of God that fulfills the sacred purpose of the Lord for home and family. The hybrid of sin, the crazy life; man with man, woman with woman who give themselves in marriage, as a new form of family, which certainly does not exist between them that natural form of the constitutional way that God only put in the union of a man and a woman to engender and conceive, a fact that allows the broader group of a smaller society, which is called family. Live the crazy life, men who want to be women, women who want to be men in a crazy challenge to the nature of God. The incomprehensible of life; men who prefer women built by the hands of man helped by the elements of science, natural and genuine women who respond to the divine and sacred purpose of the creator of all things. A hybrid world of madness and sins. By Derwell J Fallu


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