Patriotic spirit.

In recent times, the way in which politics is done has changed. Politicians do not see politics as a patriotic opportunity to serve the best national interests, but an opportunity to achieve their ambitions by increasing their personal interests, which makes it harder and harder to find good and dedicated people every day. public servants who can administer with honesty and efficiency, the people’s resources. The matter is very serious! Because when those who manage to become public servants, do not find many options in the government and its agencies, to satisfy their selfish ambitions of personal interests, they create the conditions, selling or privatizing, if necessary, even the most valuable heritage resources of the country, even if this means, that the coffers of the state’s finances will be left in bankruptcy, in red numbers. The patriotic spirit is necessary when it comes to thinking of men and women who should take leadership opportunities to manage our resources and public policy activities, local and international. By Derwell J Fallu


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