Message to Dayanara Torres.

Dayanara Torres, I know how terrible a cruel disappointment of love can be. I know that in these moments, you may be overwhelmed by doubts about what hurts you most, the cruelty of knowing, that whoever you believed was the love of your life left you when you most needed their support, or if the disturbing diagnosis about your disease I would like to be able to have the right words for this confusing moment for you, but I just want to tell you that a disappointment of love hurts a lot, that it can also be disturbing to receive a sudden diagnosis of a difficult illness. But they are two situations that you did not choose, that’s what life is about; of falls and rises, that the most important thing is the time and the opportunities that we have to reconfigure a new and better destiny. Please, I know this may be difficult, but do not concentrate on the fact that you have an illness, but in the way that you are going to take on the challenges to find a viable solution, do not think about this man who showed you the most vile ranting, about what could have been and was not. The value of your life and all that you are as a human being, is not defined by an imbecile who did not know how to love you and who does not deserve your love. Dayanara, you have many people that if we love you, we go with you by the hand and in any circumstance, supporting you and telling you, that you are not alone, that we are more the ones that love you and we are with you, that you can recover if Only you believe in God, in his great love and power, if you can be able to believe, that for what man may seem impossible, for God it is not. Dayanara, define in your mind and in your heart, life, which from now on, is what you want to live, do not give up! That you are not alone, and there are more things that God and the world can give you, than those that you can ask them. I am Derwell, I am with you and I support you. Ahead! Warrior, that life still has a lot to offer you. By Derwell J Fallu


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