Yes now!

Yes now!

The great warrior, the lionhearted man, has inspired courage and pure positive energy to his people and they go with everything for Miraflores to recover from the thief and criminal, what stole from Venezuela, what belongs to the people. These mature criminals have plundered the country, stealing the gold, squandering the oil and everything that they have been able to steal, leaving the richest people in Latin America in the most terrible misery. But yes! The man is prepared with the heart of a lion to go to Miraflores, for what remains of Venezuela, to return it to his people. What a great man! How much value! That courage! How happy are you Venezuela! That such a brave and inspiring man would give his face for you, that he will breastfeed for you before the criminal and abuser. The time of Venezuela will arrive with the sunrise, which will make you shine, as all the stars of the sky shine. Long live free Venezuela! By Derwell J Fallu


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