They kill healthy.

Many politicians in Puerto Rico see political activity as an opportunity in which they can achieve as public servants, their financial ambitions, looting and stealing as they can from the country’s resources. Few now think of a public servant, as one who cares and administers with honesty and interest, the treasures and everything that constitutes a patrimony of the country. Waste, illicit enrichment, it seems a contagious epidemic with which many of our politicians have been contaminated today. As a result of all this, the desperate people, seeing how they destroy the riches of the country and plunge the most of the people into extreme poverty, look to the left politicians for a better hope, which becomes worse, because the politicians of Left are more thieves and criminals than right-wing politicians. These on the left, paint flowers and butterflies in the air, they get into us and convince us to know that they know what we want and need and that they are the ones who can really give it to us. And, like the fish, which bites the bait that covers a deadly hook, we fall! And boom! They finish us strangle. Do not vote for anyone who seems or be a communist socialist, because in the end they are worse than thieves and democratic opportunists. Hold on! Until the miracle comes, that Christian men and women and true patriots appear, that they really come to work for the common welfare of the people and for the development and interests of the nation. By Derwell J Fallu


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