I am here for you!

Today I started thinking about you, and looking at your picture, I have to admit it, it made your life so beautiful! Your sculptural and sensual body that awakens passions; your pretty eyes, your mouth, your hair; as my eyes see you, every part of you is a verse, all of you, a poem made woman to recite I want. I could enter inside you through the window of your soul, in that place in your heart and in your mind, where not everyone can. And I discovered that the girl, of your eyes is the force of your life, your reason for being and fighting, but that there is a void in that place inside you where not everyone can reach, where your dreams fly on the wings of desire and your heart sighs for the love of your life and your soul reveals itself for your companion soul. Sleep every night and wake up every morning with no one to hug you or hug you, even though you were born alone, you were not born to live in solitude, to continue walking this path in time you will need someone to share life with in bad times. The good times; in health, in illness, in scarcity, in abundance, a shared destiny in any circumstance. And for that, here I am, if for you I can be that important part of your life, as important I think that you can be for me. By Derwell J Fallu


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