Alert! World, I have bad news for you. The fight against cancer and many other diseases that threaten the extermination of the human race on earth, is useless; It is like someone who swims against the corresponding of a raging river. While in the field, farmers cut or kill the grass with powerful pesticides and very harmful to health, which make all the grass die in minutes, as if burned with fire; as long as artificial juices and drinks are consumed, but which have fruit names, as if they were; while they sell oils whose labels say extra-virgin, but that really are a compound of dangerous chemicals; while they are consumed yellow or ripe bananas and bananas, whose color has been accelerated by a powerful poisonous gas that they spray directly on the product; while the meats that are consumed, be the product of artificial foods that feed the animals, among many other similar things, any fight against cancer and the diseases that are reducing the time of life and killing people, will be useless! No one can control the epidemic of all these deadly diseases that put humanity in danger of extinction. By Derwell J Fallu



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