Message to the president, Donald Trump.

Mr. President Donald Trump, you are in a leadership position, which allows you great and important opportunities, that can mark and define your history as a leader, that can achieve great and important changes in the nation and in the world. However, this format of trying to govern through threats and / or blackmail, when you try to achieve a change or the execution of a project, of an idea, does not represent a charismatic and successful leader. On the contrary, this is the profile of a frustrated leader, a leader, who more than using intelligence and wisdom as his resources of a true head of state, acts by instinct and emotion, this type of leadership profile , the role of president of the most powerful nation in the world, can be great. Please rethink your ideas and put yourself at the level of the president of the United States of America.

On the other hand, it is not up to the president, to insult our public servants and government people in Puerto Rico. It looks good to me! And I look pretty! But you have to take corrective measures aimed at providing real solutions to any situation on the island, without pointing or marking blame, a true leader does not do that, a real leader, is an entity of real solutions, and not one that only he knows how to complain about everything and that he is scared by adversity; leaders face life with an optimistic spirit,
convinced that they know what to do at the moment and that there is a people that trusts in their abilities and their knowledge to face sensibly the function that has been entrusted to them. Do not disappoint the people who elected you! By Derwell J Fallu



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