Why do so many men end up being unfaithful to their women? Within so many reasons that can be the causes, we must emphasize, the power of the physical attractiveness of the woman. The variety and form of the beauty of the physical attractiveness of the woman, is so immense, that the eye seems unable to satisfy itself and the temptation for it, to the taste of man for woman, is so difficult to resist! So, wanting to have a beautiful woman for a serious and future relationship, does not necessarily have to serve to be faithful to his wife. What does solve the problem of infidelity, is that the basis of establishing a relationship, be on anything else, that way of matching personality; This means, the character and behavior of my wife is exactly related to my personality type. This translates into the miracle of loving yourself for who you are. It is also important, among other things, to associate and coincide in dreams, goals and purposes; Above all, in the commitment to share and take life together in whatever brings destiny to both. They are married, because each one knows that he has everything that makes them perfect as an individual, as a person, and not only because, in view, they are victims of only the physical attractiveness that gave them the reason to be together. By Derwell J Fallu


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