Message to Nicolás Maduro.

What an embarrassment! The mature coward hid. He is no longer in the usual offices of the presidential palace in Miraflores. It has the Russian military, the Cuban army that advises and keeps them back, has the criminal group kill innocents and Venezuelan military cowards who have not yet decided to put on the good side of history. And still, like a cowardly street dog, he hides from a courageous unarmed Guaido and from a people without arms and innocent. Imbecil coward of mature, Venezuela is big! Do not invoke with your dirty mouth and with your black heart of murderer and indolent, the name of a just and holy God, if you will not regret it sincerely. If you know what dignity means, you must withdraw, you must step aside now, so that those who do have the support, approval and anointing of God, take charge of the country and the future of the Venezuelan people. By Derwell J Fallu


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