Stay with me love!

Awakening in the light of a new day, to see and live the happiness and joy of knowing, that you, woman, are part of my good and of the good that gives me the day to enjoy and to live this inspiration, this energy that ignite my passions. You, who are the good of all my desires, the colorful of my heaven, the one that gives this peace to my soul, and the one that lights with love, within my chest, the heart. You, and always you that woman for whom I know the good, for whom I live and feel the pleasure, you, who with your beauty, your color and the magic of all your woman charms, makes of all the space of my life, a magical world, a paradise. That delicate and sensual silhouette of your beautiful body and the sweetness of your voice, that tenderness that is in your eyes, all this is like a symphony that becomes a soft melody. Your presence is a sweet invitation of the soul, which tenderly tells the heart, stay with me love, that my love calls you. Derwell J Fallu


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