The answer:

Hence, some become rebellious and express it with topics such as; empowerment of women, women’s liberation, among others. And they go to the fight, they stop being moms and heads of household, delegating to the school and nurseries, to the children and they go out to compete, to show the world and the men, that also, what they, they can, they are. That they are able to equalize wages and, if necessary, overcome them. And do not even ask, where is God and his plan? That is not what matters, perhaps, but only to demonstrate that they can be as strong as men, as capable and more than they are. And of course! It is not her fault, it is the response to the provocation of men, also to the notable neglect, abandonment and mistreatment on the part of many. And what results from all this? Children who no longer respect or recognize the authority of their parents, because someone else was responsible for their education, to take care of them, if any, and a twisted society, cracked because both men and women, put aside the formalities and protocol of God for home and family, to impose on themselves, something lighter and more in tune with their selfishness, with the crazy life that each one has chosen. By Derwell J Fallu



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