Maybe you can not understand this. But today I looked at the face of Nicolás Maduro and I could not avoid interpreting a disturbing reality of his personality, of what he thinks he has done well and of everything that is wrong because he thought he was doing well. A disturbed soul! Beaten in the conscience by the errors committed; because either consciously or unconsciously, the bad that we have done, is counted as errors. But the sad and painful plot of this story is that the consequences for the mistakes made will not be merciful, they will beat us until our soul hurts and because we are repentant, the conscience bleeds us, which will be necessary, if we want thumb of sins, life. We will feel the weight for the damage we have done to each life, and in the end, we will realize that it is not worth so much to achieve the dreams conceived, at the expense of the misery and pain of others, because it will hurt more in the chest for this same, that the happiness that was believed to have achieved at the cost of hurting who we did not owe. By Derwell J Fallu


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