The call of love.

Something that maybe you did not know:

No man, does not fall in love with a woman, because this one thinks that she is not pretty. Love does not provoke figures or beautiful faces, love does not know how to discriminate; It is the purest and best that can be born from the heart, it is the greatest and most beautiful that can inspire the soul. Who does not love you, does not do it because you are fat, because you are skinny; love is a feeling of heart and soul, born without a reason, without a reason, love knows no marks. Sometimes it is not easy to explain the way love makes its arrival. What we do know, that when it happens that two people fall in love, it is a magic formula, a feeling that comes from nothing, to fuse two hearts, to unite as one, two souls. Who gets used to wanting to be with someone, because it is for the taste, a choice of the eyes, must be convinced, that this is not a reason that forces anyone to live with you, because you will always find that there will be people who like them more, What do you like? By Derwell J Fallu


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