For those who do not understand all the drama of what is happening in Venezuela. In the last elections, held in this country, it was proved that these were rigged to declare winner to the incumbent Nicolás Maduro. Therefore, the body that legitimizes the electoral events and confirms the authenticity of a winner in the election, is the National Assembly of that country. And, obviously, in such circumstances, this rigged and fraudulent election exercise was declared null and void. When something like this happens, the National Assembly establishes the acting secretary, (that this case was Mr. Juan Guido) of this body, as the interim president, legitimate person in charge to be the president of the country, until new reliable elections can be made and free, to choose a new president and a new government that is validated for the end of its functions. In the case of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has clung to power, illegitimately and dictatorially, taking advantage of resources from local and allied foreign military forces, to repress with force and secure a position of ruler that does not correspond to him. Hence, he is a usurper of the Venezuelan government. By Derwell J Fallu


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