Let’s make love

Which can be more disturbing to the soul and painful to the heart, than knowing that you are there, but I do not have your words! There is no difference between day and night, because although the sun enters my window, everything is so dark if the light of your eyes does not shine on me. Absence that hurts! If I sleep and wake up, and if I open my eyes I can not see you, nor feel your body by my side. I lose myself looking for you in my thoughts! And not knowing what to do, in hope again I find myself. I want to sleep and wake up looking at you next to me; look at me every night, every morning in the clean glass of your beautiful eyes, drink from your lips the sweet nectar of your kisses; feel in my skin, your skin, hug you strong and feel your heart love, that spark that ignites life to fire, that although it burns does not burn, I want to make love slowly, walk with my hands every inch of your body , penetrate inside you where nobody ever arrived, inside! Further inside! In that place where your feelings are, where only one name fits, where the fire burns you! That when making love to you, your lips tremble, that those beautiful eyes shine to you, like stars of the night in the sky. Give me divine moments, tender moments! Moments of love, of those who feel that we float in clouds, in white clouds of heavens. By Derwell J Fallu


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