The world needs a response from the Vatican.

The government of the United States, has a strict control of the money and of the people who open a bank account in this country, the origin and legality of the money of the depositors is carefully monitored. The objective of this is very clear, to try to take control of the drug traffickers and all the people who try to enrich themselves illegally through fraud, theft or any other criminal activity. However, it is for the world to worry! That Francis of Rome, the highest ecclesiastical authority of the Catholic faith in the world, allow Chavista and Maduritas delinquents to have accounts of banks of up to 50,000,000; 700,000,000; 800,000.00 and other amounts from the same Chavista and Madurista group, which should be the subject of a thorough investigation. In a single bank in Rome, a daughter of the dictator Chávez, has deposited in his account, 800,000,000 euros. Maduro has 50,000,000 euros and the accounts they have in Russian and Chinese banks, exceed these numbers. The world knows, as the people represented by the governments of chavism and madurism in Venezuela, have destroyed the economy of this country, situating it, incredibly in the poorest country in all of Latin America. The world knows, like more than two million Venezuelans, they have had to migrate necessarily to neighboring countries in order not to die of hunger or illness, due to the failure of medicines and food. That the majority of those who remain in the Venezuelan territory, live in extreme poverty, lacking the basic services of water and light, because the systems are collapsed. That many have died and continue to die in hospitals due to failure of medicines and adequate treatments. That there is a crisis in Venezuela that has captured world attention for the acute and terrible situation, where the drama of the daily life of Venezuelans is one of pure survival. Children who, in order to find something to eat, rummage in the garbage dumps of the streets, and families take water from contaminated resources for bathing and for consumption, because drinking water does not reach them. The most worrying thing is that Francisco de Roma, knows what is happening in Venezuela and has not spoken out on these facts, as an authority of the Catholic faith, but has allowed the detractors of the Venezuelan country to have their banks the money that these mafiosi have stolen from Venezuelans and acquired proceeds from drug trafficking. Because the world knows, that the Chavistas and Maduritas have become a government narco, who operate with injustice imprisoning, torturing and killing many of those who protest against the barbarities of these abusive criminals. The world needs a response from the Vatican because of what is happening with the money of Venezuela in these banks in Rome by the detractors of the country and that should not be happening. By Derwell J Fallu



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