A woman in your life

For me women are sacred. With telling you that one had me in her womb and one I was born; a woman gave me life. Why do I have to mistreat a woman, if she has given me so much, and for her so much, I owe God? But what a sad thing there are in our world, so many men abusing women, who attack them and even kill them and then they commit suicide, because they know, that hitting a woman is a cowardly action and a serious crime, which is paid with jail. But, what good is it, to take away and take your life, because everyone who commits suicide has God’s promise to live for eternity in the pails of hell. A problem is not solved with another problem, if you can not take it with you, leave it and look for another compatible with your personality, of them the world is full. It is also not fair that you want to impose on the woman, each one has a will of its own and God did not say that they would be our slaves, but companions of life, suitable help, that we should love them and be delicate with them, as with a fragile glass. I recommend you, before you look for a woman, first ask yourself; What do you want to do with her? Remember that they are not only sex resources, they are much more than that and we should not want to be with a woman, just because she likes us. You have to think about the fact that, by sharing life with her, you must take together the circumstances, the commitments, in a spirit of companionship and mutual respect, and that by consecrating yourself in a project of shared lives, of intimate life They must be creative and artisan when it comes to administering to each other the feelings and details that can keep on the fire of love that will keep them warm and united forever. By Derwell J Fallu


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