Chances over Time!

Over time the march, everything is changing. I remember times, not so far in the past, when finding a partner and friends through social networks, was something normal and very simple in those who saw social networks as a real opportunity to make friends and get a partner. The way to connect with people was more effective than now, people really communicated with spontaneous texts, that contained a personalized language, that allowed us to connect with people and know them, and distances and borders, were not a problem for it. Today, it is more difficult that contact with people and get a partner in social networks, I think that because people today is no longer spontaneous in communication, because this has been replaced by the famous emoticons, faces and finger I like it, as well as pre-edited texts, good morning, good afternoon and short phrases with certain images that people look for in the banks of these types of texts and that copy and paste, but nothing spontaneous, from the moment that comes from the heart and that awakens in the individuals the animosity of establishing an intelligent conversation, and that allows us in an interaction, to know the people and to establish real bonds of friendship and of couple. The times are taking us deeper and deeper through swampy waters that distance us from our roots and from that nature that distinguished us by that human way of connecting with people. The main social networks and the most popular, have been responsible for assassinating the spirit of socializing, and I believe, that have promoted a spirit of vagrancy in reading and writing, so that even many people when they manage to write something, They do not write words, but combined letters that force us to think that they are saying a word to us. (“Cm”) as. And, not only do we impose such a cold and impersonal form of communication, but users have turned us into a more aggressive and advantaged lucrative form, and have limited us to the number of members we can have in our contact lists. , and with programs and algorithms within the platforms, that make a very small number of people, can see what we do, although the volume of the number of members that we have in our contact lists, is a seemingly large one. Things in time are changing for the worse, and everything for the power and love of money. 50 years ago, the world was safer, than it is today! By Derwell J Fallu


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