A key piece in the game!


ho is Hugo “the chicken” Carvajal? And what does his arrest in Madrid Spain mean for the cause of freedom operation of Venezuela? The chicken Carvajal, was of the counter-intelligence of the Maduro regime and a potential accomplice of the atrocities committed by this terrorist and narco-government of Nicolás Maduro, which has important and necessary information that makes him a potential witness, to take Nicolás Maduro and his band of criminals to be prosecuted in the world court, the only one to whom the dictator terrorizes him. The chicken Carvajal, is the only officer of the high command of Maduro, who until now, sided with President Juan Guido. The chicken Carvajal, could be interrogated by the intelligence body of the United States, which means a huge concern for the dictator and criminal Nicolás Maduro. It is said that the people perish for lack of knowledge, and that there is no worse blind, than the one who seeing does not want to see. When you see people from the Venezuelan people, looking at the situation, which has brought this criminal regime to Venezuela, one wonders: how can these people deify this murderer yet? How can they continue to victimize and lambone a ruthless criminal, who in the eyes of everyone is killing the people in a thousand ways? Surely it must be a diabolical spell, or maybe, they are masochists, because, what other explanation could we have for this. On the other hand, remembering what was Venezuela, before the dictatorial regime and what is being under the regime; the level of poverty and the terrible crisis that this country is experiencing in view of the eyes of the world, what more do governments who have not yet given their support need, to recognize Mr. Juan Guido as the new legitimate interim president In charge of Venezuela and stop giving your support to the kidnapped, robbed, looted and destroyed the Republic of Venezuela? There is no greater and more dangerous blind than the one who does not want to see. By Derwell J Fallu



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