Ways to love.

Every way of loving in the Bible is very specific. The love between brothers of the faith, must be an action of all and without pretense, where the one that you do not love has not known God. Loving our neighbor and the enemy is the way to be compassionate to people, because we are aware that we have the message of hope and the responsibility to communicate it, so that many can be reached and saved. The love of a couple is different; because we can not unite with anyone to share life in different aspects. First, it has to be with someone who loves us in the same way we do, who has the ability to be faithful, can not be abusive, must assume the role of husband or wife, before the commitments of shared lives and before the children when they arrive. No man or woman, should be united in marriage with someone, if first they are not sure, that both are really in love and prepared to take on the challenge of living to share life in any circumstance. So, regarding the way of loving, God is diaphanously clear in each case. By Derwell J Fallu



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