The end of Maduro, already has marked on the calendar, a day and time!

Military desertion continues in Venezuela, soldiers continue to cross the borders with Cúcuta Colombia and Brazil. There are already more than a thousand who are in Cúcuta Colombia, and they say that they are now in command of a high military commander. The fall of the regime is imminent, because the strength of the dictator is the army and this is broken, the defections continue and there is nothing safe in the military forces for Maduro, since, at any moment, a group close to him already rises. Cabello, and arrest them together with the Delcy. The conscience of the soldiers has awakened to understand all that this regime has done with Venezuela and with the people, being the military used by Maduro to carry out the greatest disaster that in history has known and experienced this great country. The soldiers are clear that this regime has to end in Venezuela. On the other hand, it is rumored that Hugo Chávez did not die, but possibly, when he no longer served the Cuban regime, they took it upon themselves to kill him. What, if true, could endanger Nicolás Maduro’s life and Cabello, since it is rumored that they could do the same with these two puppets of the Cuban regime. In any case, the end of Maduro and the regime, as well as of all those who have been responsible for the misery that Venezuela is experiencing, already has an hour and a day marked on the calendar. By Derwell J Fallu


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