The great mistake of Nicolás Maduro!

The great mistake of Nicolás Maduro and the military corps, who, like dogs are trained, to obey their masters, know it below: Public servants, including the president of a country, are chosen and paid to serve the people and to manage the country’s resources. The military, armed forces, and justice agencies are established to comply with the laws and see why they are complied with, they are paid by the people to maintain public order and defend the country. Not to repress the people, nor to be faithful dogs of a certain subject who ignores his duties to the people, to make himself, lord and executioner of citizens, by the fact that they do not want to submit to their perverted desires, instead of recognizing that he is only a public servant, which is what he was elected for and what he is paid for. The government and all the resources of a country belong to the people, not to a subject or a select group. The power to put or remove any public servant (including the president) is not from the armed forces, nor from any military body, but from the people, as established by the Constitution. The military and armed forces of a country only owe allegiance and obedience to a president, provided that he exercises his functions in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, which is the instrument by which all public servants or ordinary citizens must abide by. The Constitution must be above all, because this is the tool that maintains the balance of justice and equity among all; and, it can only be modified by the competent organisms and under the measures of the own laws contained within the same constitution, and not by someone in particular or a group of people who lack legitimate legality as established by the Constitution itself. In the case of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, the small ring that serves him, in a general sense. The armed forces and the military have deliberately violated the sovereignty of the country’s constitution, which makes them usurpers of the powers and rights of the people and the authority of the Constitution itself, and therefore deserves all punishment that establish the laws, for those who pervert or pretend to assume powers over them. By Derwell J Fallu


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