That beam in your eye, will not allow you to see the straw in the eye of others!

In the political positions of public office, honesty and ability are fundamental elements to efficiently achieve the performance of the functions, the favor and trust of the people who gave their approval and the opportunity for their performance. But cronyism and blind trust, without proper supervision of subordinates, can be fatal, because one can respond for what one does, but does not know anyone’s heart. President Guaido is a brave but humble man who has shown to put the interests of the Venezuelan people above even his family and his own life. What people who are related to us do in some way, can affect us, positively or negatively. However, knowing the character, conduct and quality of the values that characterize Mr. Guaido, the scandals scandal of misappropriation of funds by people in their charge, do not have enough poison, to think that this sin of these sinful assumptions, turn into sinner the man who does not deserve to bear the guilt of others, not even his enemies, who are interested in seeing him harmed, they do not believe that he can be responsible for the faults that others have committed. His responsibility is to investigate and act with justice to maintain his integrity and dignity before all who believe in him. The enemies are relentless! And they will want to take advantage of any opportunity to try to crush the representative of the people and of true justice. But it is good to remember that if in this we have to look for the guilty, it is the regime, which today closed the roads so that humanitarian aid will not reach the Venezuelans who need it. Anyone can claim, what has been done with these resources; except the regime that burned what it could of it and that until today prevented this humanitarian aid from reaching the Venezuelan people. The only reason they could stand up and claim something is because of the poison of overshadowing and fouling President Guaido who is fighting legitimately for the freedom and rights of all Venezuelans. The regime has stolen and destroyed the resources of the country and is the least that can claim clarity in these matters. His beam in the eye is too big, to allow him to see the straw in the eye of others. By Derwell J Fallu



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