Message to President Trump

It is easy for anyone to ask for patience, in the case of Venezuelans, when it is not you who do not know what you are going to eat today, because you have nothing; when it is not you who are in a hospital suffering from an illness and because doctors can not treat you because they do not have the means; when you do not have relatives unjustly imprisoned, or you are not the one who is imprisoned suffering torture and hunger. President Trump, it is easy for you and me to ask Venezuelans to have patience. But you know what, we should have something better for our Venezuelan brothers who suffer for the ruthless regime of Nicolás Maduro, than just ask them to have patience. Why are we going to allow ourselves the cruelty of prolonging their agony, when we can put an end to this terrible drama that our brothers are living? Now that you have command of the most powerful nation on the planet, consider using your powers to alleviate the pain experienced by the Venezuelan people. By Derwell J Fallu


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