Run! Escape for your life.

In recent times, many have challenged and challenged the word of God, to live life according to their own desires and lusts, ignoring that God will not consider the guilty innocent and that each one will be judged according to the work of his way, and that anyone who calls good, what God said is bad, or bad, what God said is good; or pretend to add or remove what he has established as commandments or laws in his words; at the time, will be severely confronted by the lord of the lords. Thus, in view of the folly of many, of living according to the sinful desires of their hearts, it is necessary to spend quality time with the family and with the small children, with the Bible in hand, to instruct the children in the fear of God. , and promote obedience to its laws and commandments. Choose and visit churches that still keep and practice the healthy doctrine to worship the sovereign and get good instruction for the children. We must do it now, because we are still on time. May God help us. Do not let yourself be guided by blind passion, which is not illuminated by good reasoning, because nobody could be saved, only with good intentions; the knowledge of the truth is precise. So if what they teach you, it is not what the Bible tells us; run! Escape for your life. The Lord bless you and give you wisdom. By Derwell J Fallu

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