Grey days.

Sometimes we go through sad and confusing moments in life, which make us doubt, even if God will remember us, because nothing we do seems to go well, as if the universe itself conspires against us. Those days when we don’t find an answer, why me? What else can I do to change this dark destiny for good? With everyone and even the world against us, with a heart burdened by suffering, with a dejected soul, wounded and without strength to continue, having cried out with despair and pain to a God, who seems not to listen and with every attempt , feeling faint and that the forces end; when hope and faith seem to run out. Suddenly! A small ray of light, in the tunnel we begin to see. But stunned and very confused by so much pain we think, if it will really be a light, or a mirage, if it is true that the sun will start to shine again making nightmares go away, making our life go so much darkness. By Derwell J Fallu


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