Judge you!

The lackeys, Puerto Rican slaves of the modern world, do not resemble the slaves of the old world, those who lived to serve their masters in extreme poverty, being whipped from time to time, eating and dressing what they gave. Puerto Rican slaves, live as they please; they talk about the powerful even by the elbows, they do what they want, they go wherever they want; Some even become millionaires, with luxurious mansions and airplanes, with easements and even guardians and much more, but yet they complain that they are slaves of the United States of America. Those who believed, who were really slaves and lackeys, the subjects of the dictator and communist chiefs, those who did eat once a day; They can’t say, nor my mother! Because if the dictator hears it, he surely sends them for the next life, that they don’t even have dreams, because they have been robbed, that they only settle for licking their masters’ boots, and flatter the dictator who lives in opulence of the misery of the people, these who say, that they are free, that the slaves and lackeys are the ones who eat what we want, those who go where we want and even become rich and millionaires and have dreams. For me, that the world turned, and is upside down, because today people call bad, what is good, and good what seemed bad to us. Judge you! By Derwell J Fallu


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