Nothing personal.

Someone suggested to me that Wanda Vasquez should be given a chance, following the constitution, since she knows what awaits her, if she doesn’t do it right. But the case is, that Puerto Rico is first. The Mrs. Wanda Vasquez, was insistently requested, as secretary of justice, to conduct an investigation on the case of the wagons we all know. But she flatly refused, which raised suspicion, that she could be covering up something, or someone, which would be an accomplice to a serious crime. In addition she is to be investigated for other issues, all this made her lose reputation and confidence. Which, in such circumstances, the allocations of federal funds, could find another wall, as with Ricardo Rosselló, that for not having credibility or confidence in the congress, billions of dollars were not released. Without those funds, it would be very difficult for the country to take flight again. We cannot afford to go on trying with someone you know, who has already failed Puerto Rico. Things have to be done well, from now on, if we want to build the new Puerto Rico. By Derwell J Fallu


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